About Me

I’ve never been good at writing about myself you know, there’s just no way to put “me” plainly and easily on a page for you guys, but I’ll do my best.


My name is Cosimo Orban, I’ve lived in Italy all my life as time of this post, and it’s been a very happy life so far. As for physical appearances you can check me out on the web, no need to give descriptions, now, need I?
My interests extend to a lot of various subjects, I’m a very multilateral guy who loves and is interested in almost anything there is. But right now I’m mainly into  the various aspects that concern digital and 3D arts (so modelling, drawing, compositing,etc…) and photography. I’ve been self-teaching CG and such for the last couple of years and that is my general future direction right now. I’ll do my best to get to work in the film or videogame industries, it’s my dream. I’m also an expert in 3D printing technologies, I held a conference in November 2013 in Monza about digital creation keeping printing in mind.

Right now I’m a freelance artist, 3D modeller and CG artist, photographer, teacher at Fablab Milan about modelling and 3D printing and 3D printing advisor.

As for the rest: I love music (rock/metal mostly but I like pretty much anything), movies, keeping in shape (have been practicing some martial arts and parkour, skier since I was 5 or 6), gaming and keeping myself informed in the latest technological advancement and breakthrough.

My lifestyle and philosophy is somewhat complicated to describe…
I’ve been following (without even realizing it) one of Richard Saul Wurman’s “mantras” if you will: to live an interesting life. My life has been without a doubt very interesting and pleasing, but I’m much more looking forward to what the future has in hold for me. I deal with the day by day challenges and future prospects with a very open mind and positive attitude. My girlfriend describes me as a “rockstar”, my carelessness and weightless of spirit shining trough everything I do. My modesty tells me to refuse such a description, however enticing, though I can’t deny I’m something of a personage in my own way.

Follow me during my adventures with posts and pics on this site and I’m sure you’ll discover more about myself!

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