My whole life I’ve been an aspirant polymath, my interest drawn to so many fields that I’ve very seldom been bored. I am inspired by the ever changing landscape of my perspective and the world it witnesses, keen to experience it all. I’m a reasoned yes-man, timeless neotenic and an active personality who will run great lengths, physically and metaphorically, to enjoy life at its fullest.

My interests span the sciences, art, music, good food, design, DIY and many other topics. I like sports, hiking, playing my guitar and to experiment with new things to do. One of my mantras is to find something to like in everything and cling to it, complain little and enjoy more. My life has put me in contact with many different realities, through travels and conferences and events, I’ve met people from many walks of life and I realize my life is a very, very lucky one. I’ve had the chance to confront different people on various fields of discussion and with time I matured a specific interest in the technological world, its repercussions on society and every aspect of our present and future lives. I began exploring the technologies of tomorrow, in particular additive manufacturing (3D printing), experimenting with it, giving speeches, spreading the word about it and writing several articles on the topic. I’ve had the privilege exhibit 3D printing at the Salone del Mobile in Milano, one of the first to bring the technology to that design theatre, and to become the Italian ambassador for the Network Society Project and write a book called “La Società della Rete” (The Network Society), whilst pursuing various directions in tech journalism.

However, art is the real drive behind my activities. I am in love with forms and shapes and colors and compositions which can summon feelings, evoke emotions and possess deep, personal meaning. Art is the medium of empathy, a realm which has branches reaching every aspect of our lives and influencing what we are and what the world around us means to us. Such an astronomically large theme will never be fully explored but as I delved deep into it I funneled what I liked the most and married it with the technological interests I had already developed. I started exploring the digital arts, in particular 3D arts and worked down the difficult path of the self-taught artist. It was hard, finding my way around alien interfaces with only the help of Youtube videos and online tutorials, once or twice I had given up, but eventually I wrapped my brain around it and now I’m very proud of the skills I’ve learned and the results I’ve gathered. As of now I’m versed in modeling/texturing with Maya and ZBrush, rendering in Keyshot or Marmoset and am slowly learning my way in animation.

This website will be a testament to everything I do that is worth posting: articles I write, artworks I create and news about my life.

I thank everyone whose support and kind words have allowed me to pursue my dreams and the freedom to stretch my interests as wide as my heart an mind.